In addition to our onsite and e-learning training courses we provide the following supporting services.

All services are available nationwide. For bookings or for further information please contact us.

Civiltrain can provide complete QA system solutions for contractors who wish to improve their client services. After consultation with you, your company specific QA system can be easily implemented by way on on-the-job training for your field staff.

Recent examples include QA system design and implementation for road maintenance crews performing council work. In these situations Civiltrain can liaise between the contractor and their client (e.g. councils) to negotiate the best solution. This provides the necessary confidence for both parties

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If your business involves the use of sealed radioactive sources for industrial purposes then Civiltrain can provide you with a comprehensive consultation service to maintain compliance with the National Radiation Laboratory (NRL).

This service is suitable for people who use and/or own Nuclear Density Meters (NDM's), underfill detection devices, in-situ density devices and most industrial level and density gauges

This service includes:

  • Radiation Safety Plans
  • Storage of radioactive material
  • Transport of radioactive material
  • Advice on personal monitoring

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Civiltrain can provide on-site versions for most of the courses which can reduce candidate downtime even further. This service can also be used to provide annual 'best-practice' refresher training which enforces key points specific to your company. It can also provide an excellent opportunity to audit field QA systems and compliance.

If time is an issue then this service can be modified to suit your application and budget.

Recent examples include site training for graduate geotechnical field staff and field technicians who need to brush up on industry best practice. This service provides the client with confidence that their frontline staff are working to their optimum.

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Civiltrain can provide excellent technical guidance to the industry for the areas below:

  • Nuclear Density Meter trouble-shooting
  • Nuclear Density Meter calibration
  • Compaction
  • Materials
  • NZ Geology
  • Contract interpretation
  • Field best practice
  • Field testing
  • Geotechnical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Compliance with National Radiation Laboratory Codes

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